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Elevate your app and data defenses with our real-time, auto-learning API Protection solution.

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Application development and delivery environments are more amorphic and elastic than ever, bringing together independent components to secure application delivery. APIs cement these emerging architectures by allowing data exchange, integration and automation. That’s why it’s critical to safeguard exposed APIs from an array of cyberthreats like data theft, data manipulation, account takeover attacks and the rising risks associated with applications’ business logic vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can be particularly damaging as they can lead to severe operational disruptions and financial losses.

Dedicated API Cybersecurity

Radware provides a dedicated API protection solution that’s part of a comprehensive web application security architecture. This allows users to secure apps, APIs, development platforms, and infrastructure.

We designed our AI-driven solution to automatically discover all API endpoints (including rogue and shadow APIs), learn their structure, learn the applications’ business logic, and automatically generate tailored security policies. The result: real-time detection and mitigation of API attacks that leverage business logic vulnerabilities of applications and embedded attacks.

Radware’s API protection includes additional capabilities to provide real-time protection against all OWASP API Top 10 risk categories. Download our API Protection solution brief to learn more.

종합적인 API 보호

Real-Time Embedded Threat Defense

Real-Time Embedded Threat Defense

Detailed auto-discovery translates APIs into tailored positive security policies, ensuring real-time protection against embedded attacks.

Immediate Business Logic Attacks Protection

Immediate Business Logic Attacks Protection

Continuously learns API business logic from real-time transactions to identify and block malicious activities without disrupting legitimate operations.

Lower False Positives

Lower False Positives

Delivers accurate protection with reduced false positives, suitable for production environments, enabling immediate automated action against attacks.

Blocking of Unauthenticated API Use

Blocking of Unauthenticated API Use

Enforces token validation to ensure only authenticated users can access and perform only authorized operations on your APIs.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

Protects against a broad scope of API threats, including business logic attacks, embedded attacks, data leakage, denial of service, bots, ATO, L7 DDoS attacks, and more.

일관적인 애그노스틱 보안

일관적인 애그노스틱 보안

Offers the same security technology engine and policy applied across any architecture and environment, including data centers, private cloud, and public cloud.

API 보호가 무엇인가요?

Watch this Radware Minute episode with Radware’s Uri Dorot to learn what Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are, what cyberthreats they are exposed to, why it is so important to protect your organization’s APIs and what to look for when evaluating API protection solutions.

악성 봇

Protecting Your APIs From Bot Cyberattacks

API는 빠르고 광범위한 배포에도 불구하고 자동화된 위협의 증가에 대한 보호가 제대로 이루어지지 않고 있습니다. API 봇 공격의 위험과 이를 방어하는 최선의 방법에 대해 알아보세요.

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